Do you have a personal learning objective or do you want to make progress as a team? We are pleased to help you with customised coaching.

Obelisk werknemer

Career guidance

As a recognised career centre, we offer a customised coaching path, where your career objectives are examined in depth. Our aim is to get you back on track and to support you in the choices you want to make. In other words: we are your personal sounding board to help you take a critical look at the various options and get you going.


Unfortunately, sometimes as an employer you have to take the decision to let an employee go. As an employer, you are obliged to offer this person outplacement. In our outplacement guidance, we adopt the same approach as for our career guidance.

Individual coaching

Do you have an individual development objective, or do you need a helping hand? We offer individual coaching paths, aiming for better performances and greater self-determinism. We provide these individual coaching sessions for various target groups: from business manager to team leader and staff member.

An Obelisk coach:

  • Will ask you relevant questions
  • Will look at your question from various points of view
  • Will prompt you to think and generate solutions and actions with you.


In a team, 1+1 should equal more than 2: together we should achieve more than alone. But is that the case in your team, too? Or do you think your team still has a lot of untapped potential? Team coaching can help you move forward.

In our team coaching, too, we adopt a customised approach, but here are a few possible topics to inspire you:

  • Getting to know and understanding one another (better)
  • Building a feedback culture
  • Strengthening trust within a team
  • Dealing with change and constructing a long-term perspective together
  • Building a resilient team